Thank yous!

Here is a quick note to acknowledge some people who are wonderful!

Thanks to Michelle Krueger for a plateful of goodies and packages that are under the tree for Christmas! She is a gem among friends and I am blessed that God set her punching back next to mine (or vice versa!) Thank you to Amy Johnson who sent me my favorite chocolate treats to our door! Sooooo yummy! Thank you! To my mom, who made me some hot pads with character (a reflection of my character). I use them everyday for hot pans coming out of the oven! Thank you! To Catherine Schroeder, who dropped off a gift to me at our store….and it is under the tree waiting for Christmas! Thank you! For Mr. and Mrs. Lois Doyle, who send me uplifting, spirit-filled cards every other week or so. I am humbled to know you for over 30 years now. You are a true blessing. And last but certainly not least, thank you to Kathy Martz (who even sported her Patriots hat to my house) for these crafty treasures below. I am so thank you you are in my life!

hot pads made with me in mind by my mom, Karen Neitzke
Cutest stuff ever made by Kathy Martz!

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