A Year with Tallinn

It has been a year since this little guy literally wiggled his way into our lives at the Nebraska Humane Society. He is a purebred Australian Cattle Dog…a red heeler. He has a lot of energy but even more love to give to his people. He had been a stray….picked up by the NHS….then adopted out….and surrendered back to the NHS. They guessed his age at 14 months when we got him a year ago. I have mentioned before that Tallinn saved me as much as I saved him. What a sweet boy he is! I put a couple of photos from our walk this morning down below. He had a blast fetching a stick at a park near our house before he came home to snuggle up with me and watch the Huskers win their first home game of the season.

I got a visit from a friend today. Carisa Dillon brought some flowers for me (so pretty I took a picture of them) and her daughter, Lucy, to see me. Carisa was getting ready to give birth to Lucy when we went into lockdown with COVID-19. Lucy is now an 8 month old cutie pie that I had never had the blessing to see in person. She is adorable! The weather was warm enough that we could chat outside in the fresh air. Thank you, Carisa, for coming over and brightening my week! I also got a couple of bags from MeiLing in San Diego in the mail on Friday. What a great surprise! I love them! I also got a letters from Michelle Krueger (boy, I miss you!) and Mrs. Doyle in Texas and phone calls from Todd, Judi, and Paula. Thanks so much for reaching out! You all are blessings in my life!

2 thoughts on “A Year with Tallinn

  1. Happy New Year, my friend! I think I’ve told you before, but our Amanda has two ACDs. Amazingly smart pups! Happy New Year! Love and miss you.


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