One Year Crapaversary

Well, today marks one year since that awful day in the ER that told us I most likely had cancer in multiple spots in my body. A lot has happened since then…major abdominal surgery, outpatient surgeries for a port placement and a bone biopsy. 10 rounds of 2 types of chemo. A diagnosis of stage IV Lieomyosarcoma….a rare and aggressive cancer that will eventually kill me. I have gone through waves of pretty bad depression and not being able to have hugs or even see friends for a majority of the year, thanks to a weakened immune system and then COVID 19 has made it really really hard. I miss everyone so very much. But as I type this today on my 1 year crapaversary….I am on the right side of the dirt, relatively healthy, and getting ready for my son’s wedding next weekend. I have so much to be thankful for and I do realize how blessed I am! The second lesson for today has one of my favorite verses…. Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.” The Gospel lesson talks about being invited to the wedding feast….another parable that hits home.

I am feeling relatively well this week. My parents-in-law arrived on Wednesday and they like to keep busy, so I am trying to keep busy and still trying to stay safe as COVID cases are the worse they have ever been here in Omaha. I have developed some blisters on my toes again, so I am starting to get Doxil toxicity again. If it doesn’t get much worse, I am able to tolerate this easily. We will see how everything goes during the next infusion the week after the wedding. 6 days until the wedding! On to the wedding!

I saw this in my neighborhood while out on a walk and literally stopped and belly laughed.

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