Keeping Busy During the Ick

This is typically the week that I dubbed the “icky week” and it is not disappointing. It usually starts around Sunday and lasts until Friday night or so. So far we are on point! Good to know I have been on a chemo long enough to be predictable! Even though I am usually not having a lot of energy around this time, I am trying to get things done around the house and keep busy to keep my mind off of how green I feel around the gills. I got a lot done today….a 5 mile walk with Tallinn, cleaned out one of the hall closets, made Kalua pork (only took 20 hours in the crockpot), went through the kitchen cabinets and wiped them down and re-organized a bit, did an hour long Bible lesson on chapters 6 & 7 of Revelations, got quite a bit of work done for Play It Again Sports, touched bases with the rehearsal dinner venue (because I have one thing I need to do and do well – and I don’t want to fail at it!) ,emptied the trash and recycling and put it out….and finally getting to this blog, which I try to update once or twice a week. I think I will sleep well tonight. No worries….I still have plenty left to do on my list for the rest of the week!

I am including some photos from our walk around a couple of parks yesterday. We went to OPPD Arboretum and Standing Bear Lake. We hadn’t been to either before and loved both. Lots of opportunities for photos at each place….in fact, there were tons of photographers there taking engagement photos, newborn photos, senior class photos, and family photos. Fall is finally happening here in Nebraska this week but because Omaha is 12 inches below our normal rainfall, we have leaves falling….not really sprouting their pretty colors first. We dropped 20 degrees in 24 hours and the temps are divine to walk in now….any time of day. Hopefully that is how it will stay! I have also included a photo of a thankfulness pumpkin I am working on. What are you thankful for??

6 thoughts on “Keeping Busy During the Ick

  1. Such beautiful pictures! I haven’t walked at either of those places, and so will put them on my list for future adventures! I absolutely love love love the pumpkin idea! I definitely have to do that! What am I thankful for? So many things! Talking to Scott and John via phone, and texting with Katie – staying in touch with family; swimming at Jane’s house one last time before cold weather comes; Friday night gatherings with girlfriends; hikes at Hitchcock Nature Center, Chalco Recreation Center, and Fontanelle Forest with friends; sprucing up the flower gardens at church; listening for and watching the birds from my patio; planting chrysanthemums & playing in the dirt; cooking and baking up surprises; spending quiet time in meditation and writing in my prayer journal, to name a few. Thanks for asking!


  2. You are amazing! You get more done while feeling ‘icky’ than I do feeling well. Such beautiful pictures. Love the pumpkin at the end. I am thankful for being woke up each morning by God’s grace and to have such wonderful and courageous friends such as yourself.


  3. I am amazed at how busy you keep during the β€œIck”! Sending you a big hug, love and prayers. This weather seems perfect for your walks with your canine friend. My two are on my lap right now. πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ™πŸŒ»πŸŽƒπŸ§

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  4. It’s amazing what you get done! It certainly puts me to shame. I love your pumpkin. It’s a great idea and something that can be added to over time.


  5. πŸ’š Forever thankful for you! Looking forward to watching your pumpkin get decorated. Great idea. Thank you – the Angels are now gonna produce one, too! 😁

    On to the wedding! 😘


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