Tie Dye is for the Birds

I wanted to show my fit family at Impact Kickboxing that I am still matching….I used to be made fun of because I always matched my handwraps and my shirts. Well, since I am on blood thinners for a month, I am not supposed to be doing kickboxing…so I thought I would match my shirt and mask. Lily and I had white masks and a couple of white shirts to tie dye and I put it off all summer….well, we finally got them done this past week and I was quickly reminded why I hated doing tie dye anything. It has been since I was a kid that I had tie dyed something. I think I am safe to say never again. Blech. Kudos to those who enjoy the mess of it all!

5 thoughts on “Tie Dye is for the Birds

  1. I hate tie dying too…. it’s so so messy! I did it a long time ago in my basement, and had so much fun creating, but what a mess there was to clean up! I’m with you! I don’t need to do it any more!!!


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