There’s Always Tomorrow

Kinda had a rough day today. I got up early and went to the grocery store. My rash is at its peak right now and my sides and under arms are just raw. If the pattern holds true from last month, it should start to get better over the next week or two. Right now, it is extremely painful to move. I sleep on my side and to move at all at night makes me feel like my body is on fire for several minutes. The blisters on my toes have taken on a life of their own as well. After walking in the grocery store today in walking sandals, I just could imagine the pain of putting on socks and tennis shoes to go for my normal walk. So for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t walk at all today outside. It made me sad because our heat wave finally broke last night with some really spectacular storms. I was also pretty tired today. Found myself dozing off for about 25 minutes twice today while listening to a spy novel on audiobooks. I did rally to make a new recipe for dinner. French Onion Chicken Macaroni and Cheese. It took me awhile to make it because I hadn’t made it before….and it made enough to feed 8 -10! I now have a container in the fridge and three in the freezer for later on. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better than today!

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