Happy Spring!

Wow, have we had gorgeous weather here in Nebraska over the last week. I decided that this week, now that the mornings are no longer frigid, that I would walk Tallinn in the morning and the evening. I have done this all week…although last night I was wearing a rain coat and I have to admit we all came home a little damp. I have been getting up earlier and heading out for a walk before the sun is truly beating down in earnest, since I am supposed to avoid the sun. It is quiet in the neighborhood at that time…and it really isn’t even early – around 8:30 a.m.. However, I think that with so many people staying at home and working from home, they are sleeping in a bit. If it is just Tallinn and me, I will put on head phones and listen to an audiobook. If Rich joins me, we talk and listen to all the birds. We have a quite a few bluejays and cardinals in our neighborhood, and their calls are very distinctive. We also come across several woodpeckers and owls. Squirrels and rabbits are also abundant in our neighborhood, but Tallinn is more interested in birds for some reason. He has learned where all the dogs live who love to bark ferociously at him in the evening, and his disappointment is apparent when we walk by the fence and no one is out to greet him. Tallinn enjoys “watering” the flowers that line the street. We have managed to average about 2.5 miles per walk, so I have hit 27.5 miles so far this week. Not too shabby for a Stage IV cancer patient!

A lot of you probably don’t know this, but our family are huge mixed martial arts fans. Tim and I are probably the most avid fans out of the 6 of us, but we are all pretty well versed in the mixed martial arts fighting scene. My birthday was February 15th and Rich’s gift to me was 2nd row tickets to the UFC fight night that would have been tonight in Lincoln. I have never been to a live event even though I have been in Las Vegas the last 5 years when they have had big fights going on. Every time they have a fight night, Tim and I are either together watching or texting each other as the fights progress. Tim will be moving to Ft. Collins, CO in less than 6 weeks, and I will miss listening to his commentary during the fights when we are able to be together. He is a walking encyclopedia of mixed martial arts information. Rich splurged and we had second row seats for tonight’s event. Obviously, it has been cancelled. I was so worried that I wouldn’t feel well enough to go…and I do feel well enough to go…and it is not happening. Sigh. The Lord is trying to teach me patience, I think. If so, He is definitely giving me plenty of opportunities to learn!

I live in one of the 9 states that never went on lockdown officially. The folks here have been living for the most part in social isolation. Schools closed for the year in mid-March. The restaurants’ dining areas are closed, as are most businesses and all gyms, barbershops, and churches. Even though our state isn’t in mandatory lockdown, we are basically living it. The governor opened the state parks today and starting May 4th, churches will be reopened and funerals and weddings can now take place. I have so missed going to Mass…seeing my friends, and praying and singing together with them. Our parish has pictures of our families taped to the pews. I hope that helps the priests, who are preaching to an empty sanctuary. I can’t imagine how hard that has been for them. I can’t wait to go back! How that will look is yet to be communicated, but it will be with physical distancing. This gives me some promise for my oldest son’s wedding that will take place in Kansas City on September 12th. Rich’s store, Play It Again Sports, here in Omaha, has had reduced hours but has been blessed to remain open during this whole time. His business is considered essential as the gyms are closed, so people can get workout equipment to workout at home. We have a skeleton crew and have decreased the days we are open and the hours. This is usually our busiest time of year….as baseball and softball are our biggest categories. Not so this year. Maybe part of the season during the summer can be salvaged. We shall see.

People who have been blessings to me….thank you everyone for the cards throughout this week and for the texts that let me know that although we are apart, I am not forgotten. Thank you especially, Erika Campbell, for allowing me to lean on you about extended learning issues with Lily. Sigh. Just a few more weeks until she is done. Also a special thank you to my Godmother, Maile Doyle, for the beautiful floral arrangement. They are so pretty! Our priest’s homily tonight mentioned that we need to be aware of God around us in others. I am so very fortunate to have so many wonderful people who care for me and let me know they are praying for me or thinking about me. I am so blessed!

4 thoughts on “Happy Spring!

  1. And I am Blessed to hear from you in your Musings & glimpse into your beautiful heart, Cyndi!

    Hug & prayers, Mary



  2. Going through something like this can heighten the awareness of life’s beauty, God’s gifts, extra meaning of songs, the value of family and friends, and the wonder of how God shows us we are not alone. Thank you for this beautiful sharing. Good job at keeping active and attacking this. There will naturally be down times…but hang on to these memories and being aware of God showing His love when that happens. You have a lot of strength and you are a great example to us. Praying for you! Thanks for being the special person you are.


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