The Day After Doxil…

I have gotten a few phone calls and texts from good people wondering how I am feeling. The short answer is pretty darn good. The IV anti-emetics and steroids are designed to last 24-48 hours. I am also taking steroids by pill form today, tomorrow, and Sunday. So I am guessing that is designed to get me over the proverbial hump. Next week will be the real test. I hadn’t slept well the night before chemo and I slept hard last night, which was much needed. I was awake early, which was good, because I am getting a lot done today! Lots of end-of-month reports and also many more reports to create to be able to apply for small business forgiveness loans which will help us for when we have to close down the store. My guess it is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

Shout outs! I got a letter in the mail from someone I don’t really even know. I know of her…but not her…definitely wouldn’t recognize her on the streets. Marilyn A. is the best friend of my Aunt Judy, both of whom live in rural Michigan. They have been best friends for decades. When my aunt talked to her about my cancer journey, it hit home because her sister-in-law also has LMS. Small world. She knows first hand the struggle and the fight that this type of cancer carries. She wrote me this lovely note filled with compassion, kind words, and a prayerful demeanor. Marilyn hoped she wasn’t being invasive….not at all! It really, really touched me. Thank you! I was contacted by Reuben and Nancy Rosales from my church. They are siblings to Deacon Steve and Angie Luna who brought the yummy dinner last night. Actually I found out later that Reuben and Nancy supplied the dessert! They read on my blog that I was waiting on a good friend, Roxanne Aguilera in Colorado, to make and mail a mask for me (and she sent it off today because she is a Rockstar!). Nancy didn’t want me to have to wait for the mask, so she made some for me and Reuben dropped them off today. Now I can feel confident about answering the door….and running to the hospital….and heading out to pick up palms from the church this weekend. What a blessing all of you are to me!

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