The Home Team is on Board!

I had two appointments today at Bergan Mercy. I met with my oncology hematologist. He whole-heartedly agreed with the Sarcoma Specialist at the Mayo Clinic. He put the order in for the drugs we discussed. His nurse will submit the request for coverage to our insurance company on Monday. Hopefully, we can get started at the end of next week. I also met with my pulmonologist. He was very happy with my new chest CT. He said it was a difference between night and day. He also told me how very close I was to have being admitted to the hospital in February when I first saw him. He was really debating about admitting me for IV steroids. I was really fortunate that the pill form worked well for me. He recommended that I avoid as much as I can the two chemo agents that I took for those three months. No problem! Lots of other options to chose from ! As much as I really love this doctor, I sure hope I don’t ever have to see him again.

I was really looking forward to watching the Mulan movie that was due to be released today. I actually am not a big movie person, so to say I was looking forward to seeing it says a lot. Sigh. I am ordered by my oncologist to be a hermit. So at home I stay….only trips to the hospital for me. We just had parts of the interior of our house painted, so there is some rearranging to do still. Otherwise, it is just working with Lily on her classwork and some scrapbooking. I have also been pinching my nose, holding my breath, and blowing out, trying to make my hair grow faster. Doesn’t seem to work as well as it did with the playdough hair barber kit that Lily had when she was little. Ah well. Patience. I know. If God is trying to teach me patience, He is really working hard on teaching me that lesson! Have a great weekend everyone!

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