The Mayo Trip is Still On!

Rich and I leave Wednesday afternoon to make the 5 hour drive to Rochester, MN to go to the Mayo Clinic. I will be seeing a sarcoma specialist for an hour starting at 0830. I will then be following up with a gyn surgeon at 1245. We will then be driving back home to Omaha after that. I have two appointments on Friday, March 27th here at Bergan Mercy. A follow up with my pulmonologist and then a meeting with my chemo doctor about what was discussed at the Mayo Clinic and schedule treatment to start again hopefully the next week.

The Mayo clinic did call Rich and ask if they could postpone our appointment for three months, but Rich assured them it was vital we kept our appointment. They thought I was still undergoing chemo treatment. Once they figured out the situation, they kept the appointment and made the second appointment with the surgeon as well. We hope to come home with some answers and a plan going forward.

8 thoughts on “The Mayo Trip is Still On!

  1. Love and prayers for you and your family. You are a warrior and an amazing woman of God. Keep your faith and stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands (had to say it).


  2. You will look back at this journey and see how God carried you during the times you felt you were dragging along. You are so brave! Prayers continue, dear friend.


  3. Hi Cyndi. You have been in my thoughts and prayers recently. I am glad you started this blog. I will be praying for you as you travel to Rochester and back. Love, Angie Araya


    1. So good to hear from you, Angie! How is your distance teaching going? It has got to be hard! I know it is hard on the students! Miss you, your loving hugs, and super radiant smile!


  4. Cyndi,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers every day. Have a safe trip to the Mayo Clinic. God is with you every step of the way. Writing this blog will be very therapeutic for you…thank you for allowing us to walk this journey with you. God bless you!


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