Tutus aren’t for Everybody…

On my drive back from my week in Houston, I got a phone call from one of the instructors at the Southwest YMCA. Her name is Heather and she is one of my favorites. She started a little troupe of adult (mostly older adult) dancers after her cardio class on Monday mornings. I love to dance and Heather is an accomplished choreographer and dance instructor. She also did a lot of martial arts, which is why we have bonded. I figured I did a lot of singing and dancing while I was a Sweet Adeline, and well, why not! I joined the little dance troupe of 8 women (me being the youngest by quite a bit) called the Southwest Shining Stars. We have fun and practice for about 30 minutes every Monday morning after cardio class. So…Heather calls me as I am traipsing through the backroads of Kansas on my way home. She wants to know what size tutu to order for me for our performance (which was this past Friday). I am 50 years old and no one has EVER asked me for my tutu size. I am pretty much thinking that someone my size and age has no business wearing a tutu….for a performance or otherwise! Anyhow, not only did I wear a tutu for our two numbers for the senior citizens’ breakfast at the YMCA this past Friday, but I also wore a velvet and sequined bow in my hair. To say I was outside of my comfort zone was a bit of an understatement. Unfortunately there were A LOT of people taking photos and video of said performance so I thought I would get out ahead of this thing and just post a picture of the youngest SW Shining Star…me. I know my kickboxing friends would pay money to see this, and I said as much as I was donning the bow and tutu and walking into the gym to perform. Sigh. You’re welcome. This is so not me….but I had a blast!

5 thoughts on “Tutus aren’t for Everybody…

  1. You post this now when there’s no chance of us attending? I may have to call the Y and ask for an encore performance! You continue to amaze me!


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